Understanding Smarter Cities: the iPhones of Municipal Governments

by Anna-Kay Russell What is a smart city? That was the first question that came to mind when I saw a promotion for an academic panel called “Understanding Smarter Cities: What Happens Next?”, recently hosted by the Innis College Urban Studies program. After trying to answer the question myself – thinking of smart cities like […]

Disrespect Existence; Expect Resistance: A Discussion on Trump’s Green America, Canada’s Climate Potential, and Environmental Racism

Anna-Kay Russell Ever since the Paris Agreement was signed on October 5, 2016, there have been many conferences, workshops and panel discussions devoted on the topic of environmental action and the role that governments play. Most recently, the Environmental Governance Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, in partnership with the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, […]

The Problem with Diversity in Policy and Academia

Anna-Kay Russell I recently came across a timely article published in the University of Toronto’s Bulletin Report. In the lead up to Black History Month, Huda Hassan, a Black female and Ph.D. student in Women & Gender Studies, achieved Twitter fame for doing something quite unique: she tweeted an invitation to all Black female students […]