Pot Prohibition: Problems and the Need for Policy Reform

Matteo Pirri Citing high usage rates, positive (or at least largely ambivalent) public attitudes toward its consumption, and an emerging global reformation regarding its illegality, a story published in the Toronto Star in January of this year maintained that “2014 [is] poised to go to pot.” Yet despite these popular trends, nine months later, there has been little […]

Why Local Food Matters in Ontario

Matteo Pirri With the constant barrage of attack ads, Twitter hashtags, and political commentary leading up to Election Day next Thursday, you would be forgiven for failing to notice that Ontario is currently in the midst of its first official Local Food Week, which began today and runs until June 8. Local Food Week was […]

It’s Time Canada Talks Turks and Caicos

Matteo Pirri Maybe it’s the consistent -30° temperatures, or maybe it was that ice storm that jeopardized my family Christmas dinner, or perhaps it’s the revelation that ‘frost quakes’ and ‘polar vortices’ exist. Whatever it is I haven’t been too thrilled with what this winter has had in store for us over the past couple […]