Three Major Problems with Hydro Solved by Shifting Costs from Bills to Taxes

Marvin JS Ferrer Electricity bills were expected to play a big role in the upcoming Ontario provincial election in 2018. However, the Ontario government implemented a plan to temporarily absorb some costs and lower bills by 25%. The opposition Progressive Conservatives also propose going further to lower bills a further 12.5 percentage points. Generating, transmitting, […]

New Canada Housing Benefit Will Help (Some of) the Poorest (Maybe)

…but if it does, their effective income tax rates will rise by up to 74 percentage points By Marvin JS Ferrer Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced, with much fanfare, a new 10-year National Housing Strategy.  The Strategy includes a new Canada Housing Benefit intended to alleviate rising housing costs.  Details of how the Benefit […]

Why Only Giving Welfare Benefits to the Poor is Unfair… to the Poor

Means-testing benefits hurts the middle class and those who want to join it By Marvin JS Ferrer Many Canadian federal and provincial government social welfare programs are targeted mainly at lower-income individuals and families.  The rationale behind this “means-tested” approach to welfare benefits is that people who have higher incomes do not need social assistance. […]

Corporation Tax Changes: A Brief Explainer

Three targets, two principles, and one underlying cause Marvin JS Ferrer The federal government is proposing changes to rules around corporation taxes, which would affect Canadians who control corporations.  Instead of being paid directly (for example, with a salary), Canadians can form a corporation, or “incorporate,” and direct income into the corporation, then receive a […]

Metrolinx Weekend GO Expansion Off to a Good Start

Weekend ridership jumps after weekend service is introduced to the Barrie line.  But is it enough? Marvin JS Ferrer Metrolinx is engaged in a long-term dramatic expansion of weekday and weekend GO train service in the Greater Toronto Area.  In a promising start, at the beginning of 2017 Metrolinx introduced weekend Barrie GO train service, […]

Proposed Changes for Natural Health Products, Over the Counter Drugs, and Cosmetic Regulation in Canada: A Brief Overview

Marvin JS Ferrer A previous article authored by Marvin JS Ferrer noted that Health Canada is currently reviewing its regulations regarding natural health products in Canada. What is the current regulatory framework? Natural health products (NHPs), along with cosmetics and non-prescription drugs, are the three product types that fall under the broad category of “self-care products” […]