Ontario’s Environment Plan: An Abdication of Responsibility

By Megan Mattes On November 29th, 2018, Environment Minister Rod Phillips announced the Ontario government’s long-awaited Environment Plan. Not a climate plan, mind you – an Environment Plan. A weak substitute for the now-cancelled Cap and Trade Act, the new plan contains four sections: protecting air, lakes and rivers; addressing climate change; reducing litter and […]

Capital Flight: Canada’s Economic Bogeyman

by Megan Mattes In the past few years, backlash against globalization has grown powerful enough to shift political and economic outcomes in the United Kingdom and the United States. While there are certainly some serious concerns to be had regarding globalization, such as its tendency to accentuate income inequality, there are other concerns that are […]

How Election Lawn Signs Silence Low Income Voters

by Megan Mattes During every election cycle, lawn signs spring up like weeds all over our neighbourhoods. Particularly in municipal elections, where candidates receive little media attention, lawn signs are a major component of political visibility and a tool for building name recognition and mobilizing voters. Though one 2016 study found that lawn signs increase […]