The Persistence of Social Policy Issues – April 18, 2018

Good morning subscribers! A lot can change in an academic year. SPPG students know from experience that policy priorities can switch focus quickly when exposed to new information and fresh ways of thinking. But we also know that certain topics remain at the forefront of our policy concerns, and the problems that motivated one’s studies […]

Policy Holes, Fixes and Tools – April 4th, 2018

Good morning PPGR enthusiasts! One of the biggest hopes for public policy is that it may serve as a great equalizer of sorts. The potential benefactors of government action are diverse and many, and so are the tools of the policy trade. Even so, gaps between our current policy efforts and their stated goals of […]

Canadian Immigration Policy Examined  – Morning Brief March 21, 2018

Good morning subscribers! Internationally, Canada is known as a polite and progressive country, celebrated for its immigration policy and efforts at refugee resettlement. On closer inspection, it appears that these sentiments fail to acknowledge the country’s fraught past, enduring racism and xenophobia, and don’t account for just how often Canadian immigration policy falls short. This […]

Policy, Tax, and You – Morning Brief, March 6, 2018

Good morning subscribers! They say that nothing is certain in life except for death and taxes. While taxes may not be well-liked, they remain of lasting importance to policy and a government’s capacity to carry it out. Given this certainty, much ink has been spilled – and, well, tweets crafted – over who, what, and […]

Economic Relations in Canada and Beyond – February 21, 2018

Happy Reading Wednesday, subscribers! That’s right, it’s reading week at the University of Toronto. That means you’re either on vacation, bogged down with assignments (like me, unfortunately), or at work, envious of the days when you could hypothetically spend a whole week in bed. In other words, you’re probably not doing much leisurely reading in […]

Innovation and Policy – February 6, 2018

Happy Wednesday, PPGR enthusiasts! Innovation has many faces. Depending on the transformation, changes can be exciting, concerning, confusing, or a mix of all three. Innovation is often risky, but it tends to be this risk that offers the largest possibility of reward. Policy makers must operate within these uncertain boundaries, deciding what, when, and if […]