Intergenerational Equity and Social Policy

Jasmine Lam At the Canada 150 Conference, Carolyn Tuohy (University of Toronto) moderated a panel  on Intergenerational Equity and Social Policy featuring John Myles (University of Toronto), Daniel Béland, (University of Saskatchewan) and Joseph Heath (University of Toronto). Fitting with the conference’s theme of examining transformative policies over the last and next 50 years in […]

Gender, Equity, and Prosperity – A Discussion on Equal Pay

Jasmine CY Lam The gender wage gap is a persistent challenge to achieving prosperity in society. Although women are becomingly increasingly more educated than men, and there is even a Pay Equity Act in place, progress to close the gender wage gap has in fact slowed. Beyond Canada, countries that have the smallest pay gap, […]

Does Social Innovation Increase Social Exclusion? 

Jasmine CY Lam While social innovation (SI) has garnered fascination from the public, non-profits, businesses, and the government, its emphasis on cost-cutting, efficiency, and novelty may lead to an increase in social exclusion. Although there still is no consensus on the definition of SI, it is generally agreed that SI is a “novel solution to […]

In Flux: Canada’s First Service Design Conference

Jasmine CY Lam At first glance, design and public policy may seem to have little in common. But, when we delve deeper, we see that people are at the core of both disciplines. On December 1, 2016, Canada’s first service design conference, In Flux, was held in Toronto, Ontario. Practitioners from across private, non-profit, and […]

Breed-Specific Legislation: A Waste of Public Dollars

Jasmine CY Lam Pit bulls have once again made their way to the front page of our newspapers. This is following the fatal attack on Montreal woman Christiane Vadnais by a dog that police identified as a pit bull, but has now been found to be a registered boxer. Following the attack, Mayor Denis Coderre passed a pit bull […]