Pan-Canadian Perspectives – April 11, 2018

Hello PPGR enthusiasts and welcome to a special edition of the Morning Brief! This week, we will be looking at five commentary articles from students at public policy and public administration schools across Canada! From the Trans-Mountain pipeline in BC to car-sharing regulation in Regina, these articles touch on policy issues of national importance and […]

The road to Queen’s Park, and other election news – March 28, 2018

Good morning PPGR enthusiasts! Brace yourselves – it’s almost time for another provincial election in Ontario. The past few months have seen significant political turmoil with the resignation of Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown and rise of Doug Ford as the new PC leader going into the election. The articles below delve into other issues […]

What’s love got to do with it? – February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, PPGR enthusiasts! This week, we’ve brought you articles that look at the role of public policy in human interaction – from igniting new relationships to overcoming feelings of loneliness. And what is technology’s role in all this – does it connect us to one another or drive us further apart? Check out […]

The affordable housing dilemma – January 31st, 2018

Good morning subscribers and welcome to this week’s edition of the Morning Brief! With the waitlist for affordable housing in Ontario at nearly 200,000 households, affordable housing policy couldn’t be more of an important issue. The articles below examine some key housing challenges at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. This week’s Morning Brief was […]