Why is London banning Uber?

Caleb Holden On September 22nd, Greater London’s municipal transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), announced that it would not renew Uber’s five-year operating licence beyond its September 30th expiration date, highlighting the ride-sharing company’s “lack of corporate responsibility” as an important factor in their decision. Should the decision stand, it will have a major impact […]

What Budget 2017 means for young Canadians

Natalie Brunet & Caleb Holden Last March, a careful listener might have been able to pick out the collective sigh of Canadian youth as they realized that the Trudeau Government’s first budget – touted as his chance to deliver on the many promises in the Liberal platform directed at 18-24 year olds – had come […]

The Constant Gardiner – Infrastructure in Toronto & Canada – March 1st, 2017

Good morning subscribers! This week, the rubber hits the gridlocked, pothole ridden road as we turn our attention to infrastructure policy. Highlights from this week’s brief include: New PPGR articles examining Toronto’s cancelled road toll plan (RIP) and Canada’s infrastructure deficit; A Parliamentary Budget Office report on the federal government’s infrastructure investment plan; A report from the Senate of Canada […]

PPGR Holiday Debrief – January 9, 2017

PPGR Holiday Debrief Happy New Year subscribers and welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing break. Here at the PPGR, our authors were hard at work during the holiday season to keep you informed on the latest developments in the world of public policy. Start your week by getting reacquainted with the PPGR’s latest articles. We’re also […]

PPGR Morning Briefing – November 28, 2016

PPGR Morning Briefing Good morning and welcome to the final edition of the Morning Briefing of the term! As December approaches, with all of the fun of final papers and exams it brings, the PPGR Morning Briefing team will be entering its scheduled hibernation period. We’d like to thank you for subscribing, reading, and engaging with the […]

PPGR Morning Briefing – November 21, 2016

PPGR Morning Briefing Good morning and welcome to another edition of the PPGR Morning Briefing! Well Toronto, it looks like winter may have finally arrived. Try to look on the bright side though: the chaos brought on by that first millimetre of snow is sure to give us all something fresh to complain about! No need to worry […]