Four Great Ideas from the 2019 Urban Policy Lab Case Competition

By Breanne Bateman The Urban Policy Lab Case Competition is an annual student-led initiative, organized by the Lab’s Graduate Fellows, that focuses on tackling municipal and urban policy problems. This year marks the fifth edition of the event formerly known as the Municipal Policy Action Case Competition, which offers students at the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy the […]

The A-Bee-Cs of Building Pollinator-Friendly Cities

by Breanne Bateman The plight of the honey bee has garnered significant media attention in recent years. Declining bee health, economic losses experienced by bee keepers, and the recent discovery of the impact of insecticides on honey bee populations have alarmed scientists and citizens worldwide. However, the focus on honey bees has obscured the decline […]

The Digital Role of the State

Most government websites are riddled with design flaws that prioritize endless amounts of text and hyperlinks over functionality and usability. Instead of finding what they need or completing a task quickly and simply, most users experience conflicting information, rampant accessibility issues, and confusing layouts and features. This raises the question of why online interactions with […]