Ontario’s Plan to End Sexual Violence and Harassment

Alexis Mulvenna and Leah Bowes On Monday, August 10, Beyond the Headlines, the School of Public Policy and Governance’s student radio show, will be airing an episode entitled “Women in Public Policy” that will discuss the role of women in leadership positions in government and the public service. The guests will discuss a wide range […]

Supervised Injection Sites and Vancouver’s ‘Insite’ Experiment

Alexis Mulvenna In 2003, North America’s first supervised narcotics injection site opened its doors in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The ‘Insite’ facility allows individuals to self-administer intravenous drugs with clean injection equipment in the presence of health care workers. It also works to connect those individuals to a host of health care services, ranging from primary […]

Breaking the Cycle: Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada

Alexis Mulvenna The death of Tina Fontaine, a 15-year-old girl from Sagkeeng First Nation whose body was found dumped in Winnipeg’s Red River in August of 2014, reignited the debate surrounding Canada’s missing and murdered Aboriginal women. Fontaine’s name was added to a long list of others — including Maisy Odjick and Shannon Alexander from Maniwacki, […]

The Right to Die: The Carter Case and Assisted Suicide in Canada

Alexis Mulvenna On October 14, the question of whether Canadians have the right to seek assisted suicide made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada yet again. Assisted suicide, which is currently illegal in Canada, is the intentional killing of oneself with the help of another. The issue was famously first addressed by the Supreme […]

SRO: From Single Room Occupancy to Standing Room Only

Alexis Mulvenna The housing crisis in Toronto is worsening, with approximately 90,000 households currently on the wait list for social housing. In many of these cases, the availability of single room occupancies (SROs) is what keeps individuals from living on the street or in emergency shelters. An SRO contains individual rooms inside a multiple-tenant building − many of […]

Selling Sex: Bill C-36, Prostitution, and the Canadian Constitution

Alexis Mulvenna Last December, prostitution was forced on to the federal agenda when the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously struck down all three related Criminal Code provisions as unconstitutional, giving Parliament just one year to put forth new legislation. The Court was responsive to arguments made by the applicants in Canada v Bedford under section […]