‘Drummond’s Roadmap to Austerity: A Watershed Moment in Ontario Politics’

Andrew Perez THE DIAGNOSIS Ontario is in a funk. Enter technocrat Don Drummond, the former federal mandarin tasked with writing a seminal report for the McGuinty government. The undertaking: revolutionize the way in which public services are delivered in Ontario. Never in recent memory has a government-commissioned report – a two-volume, 668-page document at that […]

Is Ontario’s Ensuing Fiscal Squeeze Salvageable?

Andrew Perez The Backdrop Ontario just can’t get a break. Once the economic backbone of Canada, the province was paralyzed by the global economic crisis that ravished the globe three years ago. Fast forward to January 2012: the province is saddled with a $16-billion dollar deficit and a rate of growth that is slower than […]

Election 2011: A Realignment of Historic Proportions?

Andrew Perez By all accounts, it was expected to be a status quo election, and one that would produce an almost identical result: a third consecutive minority Conservative government. The punditocracy and media establishment – confident Canadians would remain apathetic – had already begun to chime in on final seat counts before the opposition had […]