Seen and Heard: Hillary Clinton in Conversation

Jenna Simpson

On Thursday, June 20, Hillary Clinton spoke at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to a crowd of about 5,000 people. Rather, she charmed the socks off a crowd of about 5,000 people!

Speaking as part of the “Unique Lives” lecture series, she began her talk to a standing ovation. She then spoke for a while about her life and family growing up, meeting her husband Bill at Yale Law School, and working as a young lawyer (on Richard Nixon’s impeachment, no less).

Clinton then switched gears and began talking about her political career, first as the First Lady of Arkansas; then as FLOTUS; then as Senator for the state of New York; and finally about her time as Secretary of State under Barack Obama. One of her more captivating stories was about the moment she decided to run for Senate, after the press had been speculating about whether or not she would run for some time. At an event where she was meeting several female athletes for a documentary on women in sport, one of the athletes leaned down and whispered, “Dare to compete, Mrs. Clinton. Dare to compete.” Hillary said that moment reminded her that she had been encouraging women to step up, take risks, and stand up for their rights, and now a young woman was telling her the same thing she had been telling other women for years. She felt she had to take her own advice and lead by example.

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